"Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality"
Emily Dickinson



Arthur's Funeral Chapels Inc. perfectly understands the need to arrange the funeral service which will be an unforgettable tribute to the life of a loved one who has passed away. We offer all our knowledge and experience to help the family in these difficult times.

Traditional funeral

Traditional funeral consists of one or two-day visitations, funeral Mass and burial of the deceased at the cemetery. The visitation hours are from 2 to 5 pm and 7 to 9 pm.

During the initial consultation the funeral director will meet with the family to discuss and arrange all the details. For example, special hours of visitation, d├ęcor of the chapel, select the memory card and purchase a casket. Our director will do his best to answer every question and provide information on death benefits, life insurance and grants for veterans. The funeral director will also provide information and assist in the purchase of a cemetery plot and monument.

Cremation services

Arthur's Funeral Chapels also offers cremation services. We will organize the cremation as well as the memorial service at the funeral home. We offer a wide selection of cremation urns in a variety of shapes and styles, depending on your preferences.

International and domestic transportation of the deceased.

Arthur's Funeral Chapels Inc. will coordinate the transportation of the deceased and ensure they return home safely. We will also ensure that a beloved who has passed away outside of the states is brought home for proper burial in the Unites States.

We specialize in transportation to Europe and provide safe and exceptional service. With our experience, we guarantee that it will meet all your expectations.

Direct burial services available.