"Death is just awakening from sleep"



Why plan your funeral

Most people do not spend time thinking about their death. Although life is composed of many different plans, they prefer to avoid making important decisions regarding their own funeral.

However, pre planning of the funeral is a wonderful gesture to help bereaved relatives reduce stress in these difficult moments after your passing. It is a responsible, caring act on our part with respect to the family and friends who, after our death would face many difficult decisions. It eliminates uncertainty and reduces stress at the moment when death comes. With our pre-planning options, loved ones will know that the funeral looked exactly like what we wanted and that everything went according to our will.

You can pay for your funeral today.

If you do not want to place the burden on your loved ones of paying for a funeral loved you can begin making those payments today.

Your money will be safe in the FDIC on the so-called Certificates of Deposit ( CDs) , which provides financial benefits without the risk. Each account is insured up to $ 250,000.

At the end of each year you will receive a detailed report on the tax with additional information about the activity on your account.

What does pre-planning entail?

  • You meet with the director of our funeral home and every time you define the details of the funeral.
  • Once you have selected all the desired services the director of Arthur's Funeral Chapels Inc. will present you with a contract and bill.
  • Then, at any time you make a deposit to the account of the funeral home, the director immediately puts your funds on deposit in FDIC.
  • When the time comes ... your funeral will be held in accordance with the agreement, and after the ceremony, the money will be paid from the FDIC to Arthur's Funeral Chapels Inc.
Contact Arthur's Funeral Chapel's and plan your funeral today.

Planning provides you with :

  • Choice: You choose how you want your last goodbye fulfilled.
  • Comfort: You can ease the pain of loved ones who will not have to make difficult decisions.
  • Confidence: Your money is safe in the government institutions.
  • Convenience: You can make payments at any time.